Solitary activity

Reading or watching Harry Potter. 

Morning Habit

Sleeping past my alarm - Ha!

Place to Visit

Ireland. without question.


Summer! Oh My, sunshine & a citrus truly? Yes, please!

These are a few of my favorite things

I'm a down to earth kind of gal. I like to go with the flow, so you will never catch me putting you in a stiff or awkward pose. 
I like to offer something different to my photoshoots. I prefer my clients to be relaxed and comfortable to be their true selves. 

I do curse like a sailor from time to time, and if that isn't your cup of tea I hope we can still be friends! 

My goal with every session is to make your experience with me as unique as you. I demonstrate exclusive prompts to bring out your personality, your laughter, and your real emotions.

I'm Tinara

"You never know how important a photograph is until it's all you have left"

It's my belief you should be able to walk away from this experience with more than just a little plastic USB that will only collect dust in your desk drawer. 

You deserve something that will truly last forever.

Your images deserve so much more. They are your memories, and they should be revered and enjoyed through the generations of your family.  Social media servers don't last forever - ask my myspace page! What happened to all those memories?! Gone!

I offer only the most prestigious products that I can get my hands on, because your memories deserve to be truly cherished, and seen for lifetimes over.

The Lovely Philosophy


fun facts about me


Ever had a nice piping hot cup of matcha green tea? No?! You are missing out! Add a little boba and we are in business, baby.

Matcha is my weakness

I'm an animal person, through and through. I have two kitties that I love dearly. I grew up with dogs my whole life and am in love with my family doggos. They give my life purpose.  You may see me begging my husband to adopt more everyday.

Obsessed with animals, much?

Yeah, man. Known him my whole life, almost all 30 years of it! 

I married my best friend. For real.

I love to travel and see new places. Even if its only an hour away, I love to learn knew things about the world I live in and see what else is out there.

Bitten by wanderlust

It's all about you! Your photoshoot is going to be an amazing experience! 
I always suggest taking the day to yourself or with your loved ones prior to your session. That way once you arrive on location, its just an extension of the fun day you are already having! I don't position you in a stiff, awkward, or cheesy pose. Instead, I use carefully crafted and articulated prompts to bring out pure emotion and your true, authentic self in every image.

I won't make you feel awkward or stiff. Im here to guide you step by step so all you have to do is enjoy your photoshoot.

Let's have some fun

Ready to get started?