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Getting your photo taken can sometimes be a stressful ordeal. Not to mention stiff or, dare I say it?
Many families put off getting photos done, sometimes for years, because it can be such a challenge.

The Lovely


If only it were easy and fun...

Avoid the awkward. Avoid the over-posed. I'll expertly guide you through a one-of-a-kind experience, taking the stress away to keep you looking your very best in your photographs.

After all, you deserve to have a photographer you can trust to bring the whole process together and make it effortless and enjoyable for everyone involved!

about the process


We'll start with a quick phone call to talk about your vision.


Together we plan your details, wardrobe, and goals for the session.


All you have to do is be present and enjoy yourself!

Investment & Details

Investment Begins at $599

Family & Portrait Sessions

Every member of your family has their own personality. Their own quirks, their own laughter, and their own style. My goal with each session is to let that inner flare, that you all have, shine bright! Since every family is unique, we will go over your wardrobe styling and your vision for the photoshoot. Finally, we will come together to create beautiful, tangible items you can pass down as cherished family heirlooms.

These sessions include:
+Shutter Lovely Head Photographer
+ Wardrobe and Styling Consultation
+ Style Guide
+ In Person Reveal
+Album Design

Investment Begins at $599

Engagements & Couples

Love is in the air--You should show that off! Don't you worry, you won't feel stiff or awkward at your photoshoot. In fact, think of it like date night! You just get a bonus bestie following you around like paparazzi! We'll start with a wardrobe and styling consultation, and together we'll nail down the perfect setting for your session. Then we come together to create tangible items you can share with family and pass down as heirlooms.

These sessions include:
+ Shutter Lovely Head Photographer
+ Wardrobe and Styling Consultation
+ Style Guide
+ In Person Reveal
+ Any Location in NY State or Beyond

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Branding & Commercial

Own a small business? Need new headshots for your website or blog? I've got you! Don't just have an ordinary photograph - capture you in your element! You do your thing like no one else, it's time to show it. We will go over your goals and vision for the project.  Keep your media fresh and updated for your clients!

Where can I find information on weddings?

Lovely Studio Co.

the portfolio

I know this is a big decision for you and I'm here for any questions you might have! View my recent client work and then please don't hesitate to inquire with any questions. Let's jump on a call!

check out the portfolio

view my recent work!

Frequently Asked

have questions?

We are kind of awkward, can you help?

Of course! That's what I do, it's what I live for.  I expertly guide you through the whole process, including positioning you comfortably at your session. Not only will I make you look good, but you will feel relaxed and enjoy your photoshoot!

How Long until we can see our photos?

I'm just as excited as you are to see the final result! I typically deliver a completed set of images within 2 weeks of a scheduled photoshoot. I schedule a reveal appointment with you prior to concluding your photoshoot so it's on the calendar. That way you know the exact date you will get to see your photos!

What if i need to reschedule?

That's not a problem at all! You may need to refer to your contract for more details, but for any reschedules I typically ask for at least 7 days notice before your scheduled session. For consultations and reveals, I extend a similar courtesy.

Can I print my photos?

Absolutely! Any images you purchase at your reveal come with a digital companion file. This file is hi-resolution and will also come with a print release so you don't run into any problems! If you would like to know about my favorite client labs, just ask!

What is your back up policy?

Any and all images purchased at your reveal are archived for 3 years. It's my policy to not only back them up on a secure external hard drive, but also to double and triple back up in other locations in case of failure. This is so that in the event of lost, damaged, or simply forgetting to order more images, I have them ready for you whenever you may need them!