I have been in your shoes many times.

When my husband, Rob, and I were looking for a photographer for our wedding, we knew we needed someone who would fit our expectations. We wanted a specific style, and we wanted it all candid as possible. I mean what photos are you really looking at with family? The posed, awkward grins, or the funny dance moves Aunt Michelle had during Tootsie Roll?


We were ecstatic we had those images and at the end of our day, we flopped onto the bed and thought 

Even later on, we knew we wanted to document our years together. And each time we look around our expectations are the same: "Who is going to bless us with a good time?"

Thats why I'm here. I want you to have the best time and receive your best images ever. We make memories together. This is a time for the REAL you to shine through. 

No awkward poses. No stress. Just real, emotional lifetime photographs you can share with your friends and family and say...

I met Rob, the love of my life, when I was only 6 years old. He lived across the street from me and it was then, I believe, that I vowed to marry him.

It seems fate agreed with that! 20 short years later I found myself back in the town where we met as small children, and we reconnected.

Let me tell you I was so happy when he finally asked me to marry him... I mean i literally SWORE up a storm -- Definitely not a PG moment!

We have been happily married for 3 years, and our adventures are just beginning. There is no one else in the universe I'd rather annoy for the rest of my life!



"Oh my gosh, remember when...?"

"That was so much fun!"

I value the raw and wild moments. The moments you could not live with out, and want to relive again and again.  That's why I am here, so you always can.

Memories are fleeting. My purpose is to grasp each one and deliver them to you with a sophisticated and guided process, so that all you have to do is enjoy your time together. Each experience is as unique as the last, just like you.

You live out these real memories everyday! You deserve to have a photographer that you can trust to give you everything you are wishing for!

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